Introductory Resources for CSCs

What is a Cathode Strip Chamber?

A Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) is a precision gas chamber that can operate with high rates and in irregular magnetic fields. Inside of a CSC are radial cathode strips and orthogonal anode wires. As muons pass through these chambers, they create a trail of ions. The electrons in this trail move toward anode wires and the positively charged ions move toward the cathode strips. Using this information, the paths of muons through the endcaps of the CMS detector can be reconstructed. Below are some great introductory resources for CSCs:

Resources for CSC Electronics

The specialized electronics in the CSCs have many acronyms and this gets very jargon heavy. Manuel Franco Sevilla wrote a great overview of CSC electronics, which defines many of these acronyms. The full indico event should eventually include a recording. This event is linked below:

Additional Resources

These links contain more advanced material:

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