BEST Using the Standalone Function

This guide has been adapted from the instructions by justinrpilot and demarley.


BEST: Boosted Event Shape Tagger is a neural network that was trained to identify AK8 jets that come from heavy Standard Model particles. This neural network was developed by CMS analysts and is available on GitHub from justinrpilot. Information about how BEST was trained is available on arXiv. This guide describes how to use BEST as a function in a CMS EDAnalyzer.



BEST requires CMSSW and was configured on CERN’s lxplus and Fermilab’s lpc. The BEST standalone function can be used with CMSSW_9_4_X. In order to install CMSSW on lxplus, execute the following

cmsrel CMSSW_9_4_8
cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/
scram b


BEST was programmed in python and trained using scikit-learn. However, the standard EDAnalyzer in CMS uses C++, so BEST requires an additional package in order to become a C++ function. This package can be found here. The first step in setting up BEST is installing this package [2]:

cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/
mkdir lwtnn
cd lwtnn
git clone
cd lwtnn
git checkout CMSSW_8_0_X-compatible
scram b -j8

Now, BEST can be installed and compiled [1].

cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/
git clone 
cd BESTAnalysis
git checkout master
cd BoostedEventShapeTagger
scram b -j8

This configuration allows for BEST to be use as a function in CMS’s EDAnalyzer [1].

Using the BEST function

EDAnalyzer modules allow analysts to interact with the CMS framework in order to study physics data. I will not go into great detail about how to use EDAnalyzer, because there is already a great tutorial in the CMS work book. I did include a couple of useful instructions from this tutorial to get the BEST function up and running.

Getting an EDAnalyzer Template

A template EDAnalyzer can be automatically created by CMSSW.

cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/
mkdir Demo
cd Demo
mkedanalyzer DemoAnalyzer
cd DemoAnalyzer
scram b

Edit the EDAnalyzer

The directory CMSSSW_9_4_8/src/Demo/DemoAnalyzer/plugins contains several files that need to be altered. First, add the necessary functions to the BuildFile.xml [1].

<use name="lwtnn/lwtnn"/>
<use name="BESTAnalysis/BoostedEventShapeTagger"/>

In the same directory, the file must also be altered [1].

// In the include files
#include "FWCore/ServiceRegistry/interface/Service.h"
#include "CommonTools/UtilAlgos/interface/TFileService.h"
#include "TTree.h"
#include "TFile.h"
#include "BESTAnalysis/BoostedEventShapeTagger/interface/BoostedEventShapeTagger.h"
#include "DataFormats/PatCandidates/interface/Jet.h"

// In the class, under private:
BoostedEventShapeTagger *m_BEST;
TTree *bestTree;
edm::EDGetTokenT<std::vector<pat::Jet> > ak8JetsToken_;
std::map<std::string, float> treeVars;
std::vector<std::string> listOfVars;

// In the constructor pass the name of the configuration file
m_BEST = new BoostedEventShapeTagger( "/full_path/BESTAnalysis/BoostedEventShapeTagger/data/config.txt" );
   // Use TFile service to create a tree to store histogram variables
edm::Service<TFileService> fs;
bestTree = fs->make<TTree>("bestTree","bestTree");
   // Create tree variables and branches
for (unsigned i = 0; i < listOfVars.size(); i++){
   treeVars[ listOfVars[i] ] = -999.99;
   bestTree->Branch( (listOfVars[i]).c_str() , &(treeVars[ listOfVars[i] ]), (listOfVars[i]+"/F").c_str() );
   // Define input tags
edm::InputTag ak8JetsTag_;
ak8JetsTag_ = edm::InputTag("slimmedJetsAK8", "", "PAT");
ak8JetsToken_ = consumes<std::vector<pat::Jet> >(ak8JetsTag_);

// In the destructor
delete m_BEST;

// In the event loop
using namespace edm;
using namespace std;
   // Find objects corresponding to the token and link to the handle
Handle< std::vector<pat::Jet> > ak8Jets;
iEvent.getByToken(ak8JetsToken_, ak8Jets);
   // loop over the jets
int nJets = 0;
for (std::vector<pat::Jet>::const_iterator jetBegin = ak8Jets->begin(), jetEnd = ak8Jets->end(), ijet = jetBegin; ijet != jetEnd; ++ijet){
      // These are the requirements for a Jet to be used with BEST
   if(ijet->numberOfDaughters() >= 2 && ijet->pt() >= 500 && ijet->userFloat("ak8PFJetsCHSSoftDropMass") > 40 ){
      std::map<std::string,double> NNresults = m_BEST->execute(*ijet);  // ijet is a pat::Jet
      int particleType = m_BEST->getParticleID();                      // automatically calculate the particle classification
      if(nJets == 1){
         treeVars["jet1_particleType"] = particleType;
         treeVars["jet1_dnn_w"] = NNresults["dnn_w"];
         treeVars["jet1_dnn_z"] = NNresults["dnn_z"];
         treeVars["jet1_dnn_h"] = NNresults["dnn_higgs"];
         treeVars["jet1_dnn_top"] = NNresults["dnn_top"];
         treeVars["jet1_dnn_qcd"] = NNresults["dnn_qcd"];
   // Fill the tree that stores the NNresults

Now, in order to properly compile everything, the BESTAnalyzer and BESTProducer directories must be removed as they are not compatible with CMSSW_9_X.

cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/
rm -r -f BESTAnalysis/BESTAnalyzer/
rm -r -f BESTAnalysis/BESTProducer/

Finally, in the file BESTAnalysis/BoostedEventShapeTagger/data/config.txt the dnnFile must be updated to include the full path. After this, everything can be compiled.

cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/
scram b -j8

Now a file must be created in order to use the EDAnalyzer. The run file should be made in CMSSW_9_4_8/src/Demo/DemoAnalyzer/test and should include the following:

import FWCore.ParameterSet.Config as cms

process = cms.Process("run")


process.maxEvents = cms.untracked.PSet( input = cms.untracked.int32(-1) )

process.source = cms.Source("PoolSource",
    # replace 'myfile.root' with the source file you want to use
    fileNames = cms.untracked.vstring(
process.MessageLogger.cerr.FwkReport.reportEvery = 1000 = cms.EDAnalyzer('DemoAnalyzer')

process.TFileService = cms.Service("TFileService", fileName = cms.string("best_results.root") )

process.out = cms.OutputModule("PoolOutputModule",
                               fileName = cms.untracked.string("ana_out.root"),
                               SelectEvents   = cms.untracked.PSet( SelectEvents = cms.vstring('p') ),
                               outputCommands = cms.untracked.vstring('drop *',
                                                                      'keep *_*run*_*_*'
                                                                      #, 'keep *_goodPatJetsCATopTagPF_*_*'
                                                                      #, 'keep recoPFJets_*_*_*'
process.outpath = cms.EndPath(process.out)

process.p = cms.Path(

Now the EDAnalyzer can be run!

cd CMSSW_9_4_8/src/Demo/DemoAnalyzer/test/

The output will be best_results.root which contains the BEST probabilities for the first AK8 jet identified in an event. This process can be expanded to include the BEST probability results for all of the AK8 jets in an event. Below is a table explaining what each of the NNresults strings mean [1].

String Definition
dnn_w BEST’s calculated probability that the AK8 jet is from a W boson
dnn_z BEST’s calculated probability that the AK8 jet is from a Z boson
dnn_higgs BEST’s calculated probability that the AK8 jet is from a Higgs boson
dnn_top BEST’s calculated probability that the AK8 jet is from a top quark
dnn_qcd BEST’s calculated probability that the AK8 jet is from a QCD background


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